Captain & Company


Ahoy mateys! Find fortune, foes, and friends for life in Captain & Company: the ultimate swashbuckling adventure game.

Set sail as the captain of your very own digitally collectible ship. Hire a crew of real players by scouring the globe for the world's most talented pirates. Then lead your company into battle to compete for premium tradable currency!

Or, answer a captain's call and join their company! Earn a real wage for your skills on the high seas as a gunner, boatswain, carpenter, or surgeon.

With the support of your fellow company, anything is possible. Journey through treacherous waters, conquer your enemies, and pillage their vessels to become the wealthiest pirates on the high seas.

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Game Design Ethos

We built Captain & Company for the adventurers, the scallywags, and the dreamers.

  1. Player-Owned Economies. We believe players should be able to own the games they play & the digital assets inside of them, pure and simple. Captain & Company is designed to allow players to opt into digital ownership, but never forces it. The game will permit full-scale resource harvesting, collection, and trading.

  2. Mass Multiplayer Accessibility. We believe everyone deserves to play great games, no matter how powerful their hardware is. That's why we've taken the greatest core gameplay loops of all first-person AAA pirate adventure games and compressed them into one super-accessible browser & mobile-compatible 128-player arena.

  3. Real Risk, Real Reward. We believe in enabling brave players to put it all on the line for a chance at fame and fortune. Captain & Company's asymmetric gameplay allows the courageous few, the Captains, to put their assets on the line to lead large teams of other fearless players, the Company, into victorious battle and reap big rewards.

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