Token & Currencies

Players can interact with the Captain & Company economy via either ordinary in-game methods (nuggies), traditional credit cards, or blockchain methods ($KAP tokens).

To accommodate both "web2" and "web3" players, all in-app purchases will ultimately accept traditional credit card payments or payment in $KAP tokens. Players paying in $KAP tokens may receive up to a 10% discount on certain purchases.

The entire game is playable without any requirement to make a purchase or interact with blockchain in any way.

In-Game Currency

Nuggies are the in-game currency and are earnable by successfully extracting nuggies from defeated opponents or events inside of the main battle arena. Nuggies can also be directly purchased with either cash or $KAP tokens. Nuggies are required for completing repairs to ships and crafting new ships and cosmetics.

Players will later be able to earn nuggies for working inside other player-owned shops.

On-Chain Currency

Captain & Company uses the $KAP token as its base on-chain currency. Players are able to exchange in-game nuggies for $KAP tokens so long as they do not reside in the US or in any nation on the OFAC Sanctioned Nations List. Players can also use $KAP tokens to purchase nuggies inside the game.

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