Game Questions

  1. What platform(s) will the game be on? The game will be available on PC, browser, and mobile.

  2. Is the game free to play? Yes. You do not have to make any purchase in order to play. However, in order to play as a Captain, you will need to either buy a ship on the open marketplace or rent one from another player.

  3. How many players can play at once? Up to 128 players can zone into each battle instance (an unlimited number of players can play across our servers in total, though). You can invite up to 10 friends on your ship as a Captain!

  4. Do we need a kap.gg account to play Captain & Company? You need a kap.gg account in order to save your progress. You can play as a guest without a kap.gg account, but you'll be unable to save your progress or use any of your NFTs.

  5. Can I earn by playing Captain & Company? Yes. As a Captain, you can earn by defeating other Captains and looting their nuggies and random NFT drops which can be sold on public marketplaces. As Company, you can earn simply by supporting your favorite Captain and sharing in their nuggie spoils as you pillage the high seas!

  6. What anti-botting features do you have? We take botting extremely seriously, as gameplay in Captain & Company is heavily skill-based. In addition to implementing industry-standard anti-botting measures, we also enable Captains to directly boot scallywags from their ships & report them for suspicious behavior. You're always in control of your destiny!

  7. Do you have a policy against alts or "multi-accounting"? So long as you are not using bots or macro automations (e.g. AutoHotkey), then alts and multi-accounting are acceptable.

  8. What are "nuggies"? Nuggies are an in-game premium currency that are purchasable in the Vault or can be earned by defeating other players. Nuggies can be withdrawn as $KAP tokens (except for US-based and OFAC sanctioned IPs).

  9. Are nuggies always worth the same amount? Yes. This is because nuggies are withdrawn in $KAP at a floating rate. Specifically, when you withdraw nuggies, you'll receive a number of $KAP tokens that are equal to $1 at the time you withdraw (e.g. if $KAP is trading at $0.10 and you withdraw $1 of nuggies, you'll receive 10 KAP).

  10. Is there a roadmap? Yes, the roadmap is here.

  11. Is there a cap on how much we can play per day? No, there is no "energy system" in Captain & Company. Pillage all day long!

  12. What device specs are required to play? Captain & Company is optimized to run on almost any device. You do not need a fancy machine.

  13. Can Captains determine how much they want to pay their crew Company members? Yes, Captains can determine the booty split that is sent to Company members after a pillage.

  14. Can Captains choose who they want to take on their ships? Yes, Captains can specifically invite other players, or open their ships to public joiners. Captains can also boot players off their ship for slackin'!

  15. Is there an MMR system? Yes, Captain & Company will eventually include an MMR system to match crews into lobbies of similar skill. The game also includes a skill Reputation system which rewards players for consistent outperformance & accuracy.

  16. Is there a crafting system? Yes, Captain & Company is a player-owned crafting-based economy. All ships, cosmetics, facilities, forts and more will be created by players.

  17. What is a "Player-Owned Shop"? Islands will eventually be populated by various production and shop facilities, each owned by players. These facilities will consume raw materials and produce consumables, cosmetics, upgrades, and more. They'll require labor production time via minigames played by others to earn nuggies.

  18. Will there be boarding and melee combat? Not at launch, no. This is a strategic decision to direct engineering resources more towards the largescale multiplayer naval combat and crafting economy features. There is a chance that boarding and melee combat will be added in the future.

  19. Is there PvE? Yes, NPC pirate ships, sea monster events, fort raids are more are scheduled in the Roadmap!

  20. What is a crew, and what is a flag? A crew is a Captain with their respective Company members. A Flag is an alliance of various crews. You can create crews right now inside of our Discord in the #bot-commands channel.

  21. What can I do with Clockwork Lootboxes? Open them to obtain crafting supplies, cosmetics, & more! See a detailed guide here.

Seasonal Rewards Questions

  1. What are "doubloons"? Doubloons are non-tradeable raffle tickets that players collect over the course of each season. Doubloons are automatically consumed at the end of each season and players are randomly sent rewards for each of their winning draws. Learn more about Season 1 Doubloons and land here.

  2. How do I earn doubloons? Navigate to https://capnco.gg/doubloons and sign in with your kap.gg account. You can then earn doubloons in any of four ways:

    • Holding Ships, Clockwork Lootboxes, or other qualifying NFTs in your linked wallet will passively generate doubloons each night

    • Referring friends using your referral link on the bottom of https://capnco.gg/doubloons will grant you passive doubloon earnings equal to 5% of what your friends earn

    • Completing quests on one of our partnered quest platforms

    • Extracting nuggies on successful pillages in-game

  3. What is "Pirate Power"? Pirate Power is a multiplier which multiplies any doubloons you earn.

  4. How do I increase my Pirate Power? Pirate Power is calculated once at the end of each day and can be increased in any of these four ways:

    • Holding Ships, Clockwork Lootboxes, or other qualifying NFTs in your linked wallet

    • Holding nuggies in your account (purchase nuggies in the Vault)

    • Holding a larger % of the total outstanding nuggies in circulation

    • Participating actively in any capacity across the Captain & Company ecosystem each day

  5. Can my Pirate Power decrease? Yes. Crucially, withdrawing nuggies will decrease your Pirate Power by the same percentage as the percent of nuggies you withdraw from your total owned nuggies. Additionally, some players may also experience temporary Pirate Power decreases if they previously held a very large % of the total outstanding nuggies in circulation, and another player has surpassed them in terms of % ownership.

  6. When will rewards be distributed? Rewards will be distributed the week after the season ends. The season ends at the time described on the doubloons page.

  7. Why is my Pirate Power multiplier not going up? Pirate Power is calculated once a day. Wait for the next recalculation period.

  8. How can I deposit $KAP (or buy nuggies) to increase my Pirate Power multiplier? You can deposit $KAP or buy nuggies at https://capnco.gg/vault.

Blockchain Questions

  1. What chain will the game be on? Arbitrum One (the "normal" Arbitrum).

  2. Does the game have a token? Yes, the game uses the $KAP token.

  3. Do users need a wallet in order to play? No. Users are made a default wallet automatically when they sign up for a kap.gg account. If they have an externally owned wallet (e.g. Metamask), they can also connect that to their kap.gg account and use it as well.

  4. Can ships be rented out to other players? Yes. Ships can be rented out to players both on chain & inside of the game. This means that for the first time in web3 gaming history, web2 players will be able to rent your web3 assets using currency they earned entirely in-game.

  5. Are ship NFTs fixed-supply assets? Each species of ship is fixed-supply (e.g. there will only ever be 4,500 Clockwork Brigs and 25 Wraith Brigs). New, different ship species will be issued over time as gameplay expands.

  6. Is the economy sustainable? Yes. Captain & Company runs on the Zero-Sum+ model. This means that gameplay emissions are equal to gameplay revenue plus new NFTs minted, as opposed to most web3 games which simply emit an unlimited number of new tokens as rewards.

KAP Games Questions

  1. What is KAP Games?

    KAP Games is a web3 gaming distributor, publisher & studio, specializing in browser and mobile-native experiences. We’re the industry leader in specifically browser-slash-mobile experiences, and have over 100+ games on our distribution site kap.gg.

  2. Is this a VC-backed project? Who are the notable investors & backers?

    Yes, Captain & Company is a product of KAP Games, which is backed by numerous high-profile investors including Solana, Polygon, NEAR, HBAR, Algorand, Samsung NEXT, GSR, Wintermute, Portofino, Keyrock, YGG, and more.

  3. How do we stake $KAP tokens?

    You can visit https://staking.kap.gg/ to see instructions on staking $KAP. Make sure that you’ve read the whitepaper for a full set of disclosures and disclaimers. Note that emissions will be changed according to KIP-4 at the end of October, 2023.

  4. How will the company, KAP Games, earn from the game?

    KAP Games uses mint fees, cosmetic sales, royalties, and very small in-game taxes to pay for development costs.

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