Getting Started

Captain & Company is an online naval battle game where daring captains hire huge multiplayer crews to pillage for plunder and fame in epic high-seas clashes.

Play Now for Free!

Captain & Company is completely free to play in your browser, with no downloads. Play now here!

Choose Your Destiny

When you first enter the game, you'll have to make a temporary choice between playing as either a Captain or Company. Captains own ship NFTs and risk them when heading into battle. Company own nothing but get paid when the ships they help win emerge victorious.

See How to Play for a full tutorial. There is no requirement to own an NFT or a blockchain wallet.

Captain & Company currently plays best on PC browsers and will work on mobile at full launch.

Become a Captain: Get a Ship

Secure your position as a leader of a pirate fleet by owning a limited edition collectible ship, fully usable in-game to defeat other players and collect precious nuggies.

Official marketplace links:

Craft your ship by following the instructions on our blog here!

Log in at to Save Progress

Make sure that you create an account on when you log in to play Captain & Company! Your progress will be automatically synced to your KAP Games account. If you own Captain & Company NFTs and would like to use them in-game, simply connect your wallet of choice to your KAP Games account on your Profile page.

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