Ships are a pirate's lifeblood, and they're your pass to unlimited high-intensity adventure.

Ships enable players to play as Captains, the absolute leaders of the Captain & Company world. Captains are the inspirational figureheads that lead their Company members to fame and fortune by piloting a ship or lending it out to their compatriots.

Ships are all limited edition, as the global shipyard only has so many parts for these half-magical beasts of the sea!

NFTs & Blockchain, at Your Option

Players can acquire a ship on-chain in our ⛵ OpenSea collection. Players can then sync their wallets to their accounts & will see their ships reflected in-game.

Ships are fully tradable on-chain as NFTs, but players will also be able to create ships in-game without ever needing to interact with blockchain. Our technology allows players to create ordinary game assets, then mint them when they'd like to trade them on their own time later, without any obligation to touch blockchain or wallets. Player's choice!

Ship Pricing

Ships are sold in initial mints during a limited time window when they are first released. After that point, ships can be created by using a combination of in-game resources, blueprints, and tokens that exceed the value of previously minted ships according to a bonding curve.

This means that each ship created directly in-game will be at a price higher than the last.

Ship List

Clockwork Brig

A holdover from the lost sciences of the late Victorian era, the Clockwork Brig harnesses the power of enchanted wheels to outpace opponents and put up an impressive firefight from 8 distinct cannon ports. | ⛵ OpenSea Link






Wraith Brig

Hauled up from the depths of Davy Jones' locker by the pirate lords themselves, the Wraith Brig is powered by latent necromancy and held together by the spirits of the lost. Wielding 8 unique cannon locations, the Wraith Brig is a terrifying behemoth to behold. | ⛵ OpenSea Link






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