Before playing Captain & Company, make sure you've completed the below setup steps.

Use Chrome

We find that the best results for Captain & Company are on Google Chrome due to its native handling of WebGL (and, soon, WebGPU). If you're having performance difficulties, please switch to Chrome while you play.

Clear Your Browser's Cache

Clearing your browser's cache will prevent any old game artifacts from Captain & Company (or other games) from interfering. For instructions on clearing your cache in Chrome, see: Clear cache & cookies - Chrome

Turn on Hardware Acceleration

Turning on hardware acceleration allows your computer to use other hardware components (e.g. your GPU) to perform web operations. This can materially improve graphical or compute-based lag.

To turn on hardware acceleration in Chrome, simply open your Chrome Settings and then search for "hardware acceleration" in the search bar. Make sure the toggle is set to On, and you're good to go!

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