Setting Sail

Choose Your Destiny

Players are either Captain or Company -- that is, they either own a ship (and risk it for the biscuit) or they own nothing, and just capture free upside if their team wins.

Upon spawning into the game, you'll be greeted with at the docs with a decision point. On the left, you'll see the ships and the sail functions reserved for captains (who own ships). On the right, you'll see the job board for Company members, who don't need to bring anything at all!

Play as Company: Play for Free, and Earn!

If this is your first time playing the game and you do not yet own a ship, you should either Buy a Ship and then skip down to the Captain section, or you should choose the path on the right and head to the Company Job Board.

If one of your friends is already playing as a Captain, you can input their invite code to jump onto their ship and join the fray!

Once you're on board, you'll want to man a cannon and get to shootin'.

Note that each cannon has limited magazine size, and you'll occasionally need to run to the fore (front) of the ship and grab more cannonballs to load back up.

Whe you're under attack, your ship's shield (the purple bar) will deplete. You can repair your ship's shield by interacting with the Shield Engine, which sits towards the fore (front) of the ship.

Play as a Captain: Risk it All to Win Big

If you already own a ship (see Get a Ship), you can head to the left to play as a grand Captain, ruler of the seven seas and fearless leader of endless Company!

Next to the docked boat, interact with the Set Sail prompt to enter your boat's lobby waiting area.

Here you'll see a QR code that your Company friends or Twitch viewers can scan. They'll be teleported directly into the game and land in your boat, ready to go. Or, give them the 6-digit join code and have them input it at the Company Job Board.

When you're ready to set sail, press Enter while in the lobby and you're off!

The controls for your ship are:

Control NameKeyDescription



Cause the ship to let down its sails and accelerate forward.



Cause the ship to raise its sails and accelerate forward.

Left Turn


Cause the ship's rudder to turn the boat to port (left).

Right Turn


Cause the ship's rudder to turn the boat to starboard (right).



Cause the ship to drift while turning, good for lining up shots.

Let Go


Release the wheel and move about the ship freely.

Note that for advanced users, the direction of the sails can be tilted by using the winches located on either sides of the steering wheel and further in the midsection of the ship. Lining up the sails with the wind will cause your ship to move even faster!

The drift function (LSHIFT) causes the boat to turn on a dime, allowing talented Captains to line up devastating broadside salvos against unsuspecting opponents.

Sink enemy ships by either personally hopping off the wheel and gunning them down, or by enabling your fellow Company team members to light 'em up.

After you've sent an opponent to the bottom of Davy Jones' locker, they'll drop a chest full o' loot! Run over it with your ship to collect it, but be quick -- other opponents may smell the blood in the water and race you to it, claiming your hard-earned prize without breaking a sweat. Godspeed!

Finally, carefully navigate your crew to an extraction point when one appears, marked by a giant beam of golden light. These divine interventions are your saving grace once you've carried out your dastardly pirate deeds, and will let you spirit away your nuggies back home to grow your expansive empire.

Make sure you check out Get a Ship to go secure your spot as a Captain!

Note that Captain & Company will request if you'd like to turn on your microphone, as proximity voice chat is enabled by default. You can disable this function in settings, and it's OK to choose not to enable your microphone in the browser.

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